"Everything that you want out of life is on the other side of fear. So, go right through it! Get what you deserve."


Anthony Reed II, better known in the art community as 'Mojo,' is a professional Visual Storytelling Artist. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.A. in Visual Communication, Mojo dove headfirst into his Art career. His professional projects include crafting storyboards and character designs for animation and commercials, directing video content, creating commissioned paintings and murals, speaking at comic conventions and design conferences, and teaching Illustration 1 and 2, Figure Drawing 1, Advanced Computer Art Studio and Digital Illustration at the St. Louis Community College in Florissant Valley. Mojo believes that visual storytelling isn't about the medium one uses, but conveying a story that is relatable to all without any barriers. He is passionate about crafting inspiring and impactful visual narratives, mentoring aspiring visual artists, and participating in events in his local community of Ferguson, MO and Miami FL. Art has always been therapeutic to Mojo throughout his personal and professional development, and his desire to share this positive form of expression is what drives him to develop projects that motivate others. He is currently sponsored by arts and crafts company Sargent Art and the Bungii App. His clients include NFLPA, The Motivational Edge, Hope Murals, Salvation Army, Lion Forge Comics, Gray Pictures, Continuity, The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, and the Design and Diversity Conference Series.