AR86 Illustration Store Grand Opening!

Hey family!  I am pleased to announce AR86 Illustration Store's GRAND OPENING!  My store is powered by Square, Inc.  The two (2) catergories of art for purchase are Commission Illustrations and Prints.

Commission Illustrations:

  1. Traditional Illustrations
  2. Portrait Illustrations

I have outlined the guidelines and pricing for the Commission and Portrait Illustrations in the link provided below:

For starters, Ink wash (Black and White) and Payne's Gray watercolor (Dark Blue) are the painting options.  New colors will be announced and added at a later date.

Custom Commissions:

For Customers who want a different project, I have created a Custom Commission option.

  1. Larger Size (Portrait Illustration only)
  2. Adding characters (a total of 2-3 characters) and minimal background (Commission Illustration only)
  3. Adding family members (a total of 2-3 family members) (Portrait Illustration only)

If you are interested in a Custom Commission:

  1. Visit my website,
  2. Click "Contact"
  3. Type "Custom Commission" in the "Subject" line
  4. Describe your desired size, medium (ink wash or watercolor) and characters/ family members (a total of 2-3 characters/ family members)

The Custom Commissions will be priced due to time, size, materials, and characters/ family members (respectively).  

Due to scheduling, spaces for commissions are limited.  Contact me at your earliest convenience to reserve a spot.


New Prints will be announced on my social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Links to my social media accounts can be found on the bottom right hand corner of my website.  These pieces will be available as they are completed. 

If you are interested in either category, feel free to visit my Shop page The link is provided below.


Thank you again for all of your support!

Stay tuned for future posts!