Character Design Project: Pop Culture Crossover

Today, I wanted to write about the importance of fan art.  For the past couple of weeks, I've decided to do a mini project for my concept design portfolio.  After meeting with a Creative Director here in St. Louis, he expressed some interest in my character design process.  He suggested that I choose two pop culture icons and merge them together to make something new and exciting.  So, I chose the hit television show Empire (Fox) and the global titan, Star Wars. With my passion for concept art, I feel this was a cool and interesting way to show my creative range and digital painting skills. 

The significant aspects for the doing this project:

  1. Reaching a larger audience and demographic utilizing my design skills.
  2. Re envisioning beloved characters within a new genre.

Let's dive into it!  I present to you "Lyon's Empire."

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Stay tuned for future blog post.