Healing with Hues is an organization based around mentorship, community based art, and healing through creative expression. It was founded in January 2018, by Anthony Renelle Reed II, better known as Mojo. While teaching fine art classes at St. Louis Community College of Florissant Valley, Mojo selected a group of exceptional college students to mentor and guide into the professional world of art. Due to the Michael Brown shooting of 2014, he noticed a decline of enrollment within the school. Mojo decided to begin a creative community to help heal and bring back hope to the city of St. Louis.

Since creating Healing with Hues, Mojo and his group of mentees have led workshops, speaking engagements, and community murals. They have collaborated with The Salvation Army, The St. Louis Community College, Habitat for Humanity, and have now spread their vision to the city of Miami. Healing with Hues was hand selected by Hope Murals to create a work of art that would inspire the young adults of the Juvenile Detention Center of Miami. They have also partnered with The Motivational Edge to assist with proper creative guidance for young adults in their program.

The Healing with Hues team has grown and will continue to expand annually. Currently, there are visual artists, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and social media marketers to ensure quality work and proper execution throughout their projects. Mojo has prepared to collaborate with artists and organizations that seek to heal the world through art.

In the next year, Healing with Hues will continue to provide professional opportunities for the mentees in the program. These opportunities are meant to widen their resumes and portfolios for their own futures and dreams. Mojo is also working towards creating more community based art projects through murals. The intention behind these murals is to impact the community and invite the team members of different organizations and people of the city to be part of the creative process. There will also be private workshops and group events designed to help others heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through creative expression. The healing through art experience is geared towards healing people of all ages. Healing with Hues is planning to add Live Art Painting Auctions for events to generate money towards different causes.

Ultimately, Healing with Hues will partner with organizations and corporations to share our services of healing through art. In the near future, we envision weekend retreats, speaking engagements, and creative networking events. We foresee partnering with more schools, professional athletes, sports teams, military groups, and nonpro t organizations. Soon, there will be an in house therapist, meditation coach, and yoga instructor that will travel with the Healing with Hues team on their projects.

Healing with Hues was created to help bring people together through art and assist those in need of a creative outlet. If you would like to book us for any of the services mentioned above, please email healingwithhues@gmail.com. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our vision. We hope to work and inspire any and all who share a similar passion. So please help us share our intentions.

Many Blessings,
Healing with Hues Team

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