In January 2018, Mojo took the leap of faith to become a mentor to a group of amazing college art students he hand selected from the St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley. This particular college suffered low enrollment due to the death of Michael Brown within the Ferguson, MO community. With these students, he created a project called Healing with Hues.  Healing with Hues is a combination of community based art (mural/urban art) and mentorship. The premise of the mentorship project is to teach these students how to become entrepreneurs in art, cultivate their our brand, create meaningful and inspiration art, and market themselves via social media all while in college. 

In April 2018, Mojo required the first generation mentees to begin their own searches for the next generation of mentees. The requirement is to scout the first and second year college students. They must make sure the next generation is dedicated, show up to class on time, complete class assignments within the deadline and, most of all, reliable. 

Mojo has taken Healing with Hues to Miami, FL and works with The Salvation ArmyNFLPA, The Motivation Edge, and Hope Murals to work with students in the area and create mural art.

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